Take Ten Budget Edition: Mystic Intellect

Sometimes $100 is too expensive for commander player who are are a limited budget. Budget alternatives provide the Take Ten a similar build and an affordable alternative to the series. If you have not seen the Mystic Intellect upgrades you may do so here.

The Cost

As of August 17th the cost of the Take Ten replacements for Mystic Intellect on Card Kingdom was $76.22 The cost is reasonable when compared to some commander decks that cost well over $500. In the Take Ten Budget Series, cards are used that reduce the cost of the deck build dramatically. Whether a high school student or a new player consider these substitutions. They are as follows…

The Substitutions

Remove Cyclonic Rift $24.99  for Hallowed Burial $1.29. Cyclonic Rift it awesome for instant speed removal. But if you want a board wipe Hallowed Burial is a sorcery that tucks all the creatures into your opponents libraries. If you are playing against commander decks with a lot of graveyard recursion, then this is preferred. 

Removed Smothering Tithe $11.99  for Azorius Signet $1.49 This is far more affordable ramp. It ramps the two colors you will use the most although it will not cause the explosive plays that smothering tithe offers. 

Removed Bribery $20.99 for Tidespout Tyrant $1.49 We lose an instant and sorcery but we gain a creature that is just as powerful. It is also a spell payoff that can create tempo disadvantage for your opponents. 

Removed Solemn Simulacrum $4.99 added Izzet Signet $0.99 More mana fixing this  time it gives blue and red. 

Removed Fury Storm $1.29 for Narset’s Reversal $2.49 This actually is an upgrade. But Narsets reversal can win games on it’s own when you use it to counter the correct spell. And worth the additional dollar and change in cost 

With these replacements the deck substitutions are much more affordable for any budget at $16.18