Coming Soon at Commander Clinic

I would first like to take the time to thank everyone who takes to visit this site and read the content. It is appreciated and without you, the reader, this site is an empty echo chamber. 

We here at commander clinic hit a small snag in late August and early September and content slowed down. For that I apologize. Unfortunately I suffered a severe accident at work and my efforts at that point was to get myself healthy for the future. The good news is I am healing well. I am able to not only continue working but update the site as well. From here on out you can expect the content to continue to flow. Commander Clinic’s goal is to post one to two articles a week. We are finishing our 90 day blitz so expect additional content on top of the standard content.  

Through September and October there is a lot of ambition here at the site. I planning to finish the core basic level up moment series, tackle some additional deck building content and finish the color pie in our top ten series.. We also want to add one or two more entries into the card combo category. That category is lacking and I want to build a database for readers access when they need a combo. That is just for the player who is looking to grow early in their commander career!

For more experienced players, I will have new and unique content that isn’t a rehash of what you already know. You want those little nuggets that nudge your thinking and expand what you know. The good news for you is Throne of Eldraine is right around the corner!  Our goal for commander clinic is to cover the top cards in each color. We also will point out some cards that I think will be underrated. There will be variances form other top websites and in those variances will be the little nuggets that you seek. There will also be deck techs!

First is Brawl. There are four preconstructed brawl decks. We will look to turn those 60 card decks into a functional 100 card commander deck. We wont be doing budget versions of these decks but we will not be attempting to break the bank either. If you are buying the preconstructed deck versus the single, then you are looking to save a little money. We will not load up the additional forty cards with all expensive options. The Johnny Deckbuilder in me is already having some ideas swirling around in my head for those. We will also look to build from scratch at least one more Eldraine commander deck before the end of October. If time allows we will do a few more total builds. By the time October is done I want you to have fun storming the castle.  

Again Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to visit the site. Feel free to send me an email at Tell me what you think. What type of content you would like more of? We want to grow this site for commander to be a resource that players can rely on. . 

God Bless!