Take Ten Budget Edition: Merciless Rage

Sometimes $100 is too expensive for commander player who are are a limited budget. Budget alternatives provide the Take Ten a similar build and an affordable alternative to the series. If you have not seen the Merciless Rage upgrades you may do so here

The Cost

As of September 16th the cost of the Take Ten replacements for Merciless Rage on Card Kingdom was $74.36.  The cost is reasonable when compared to some commander decks that cost well over $500. In the Take Ten Budget Series, cards are used that reduce the cost of the deck build dramatically. Whether a high school student or a new player consider these substitutions. They are as follows…

The Substitutions

Removed Sheoldred Whispering One $14.99 added No Rest for the Wicked. $0.69. You lose an opponent sacrificing a creature each upkeep and you do not get to return a creature to your battlefield. However,board wipes do not happen on your turn all that often and this card will protect you from them as you can redeploy those cards.

Removed Phyrexian Obliterator $24.99 added Loyal Subordinate $0.25. Anje is often on the board because of her mana cost. This allows the Subordinate’s ability to trigger each and every turn. It is an each opponent trigger so the life loss can add up over a few turns. 

Removed Liliana Heretical Healer $12.99 added War’s Toll $1.29. We lose a lifelink source and an ability to recur a creature. This is in exchange for the ability to slow our opponents down. Players will not want to attack because it will often leave them vulnerable. It also forces your opponents to tap all their lands at once which also tactically limits them especially control players. 

Removed Torment of Hailfire $11.99 added Exsanguinate $7.99. While not quite as powerful this card can end games like Torment of Hailfire does. 

With these replacements the deck substitutions are much more affordable for any budget at $19.62