Navigating Infinite Mana

Commander is often known for its infinite combos. While some players frown on them they are still a part of the game and including one or two of them in your commander deck is acceptable in most playgroups. Commander Clinic emphasizes the idea of explosive turns win the game. One of the easiest ways to fuel an explosive turn is by generating infinite mana. With infinite mana the ceiling of what you can do in a turn is limited only to the cards in your hand and the mana sinks on the battlefield. This is what makes Thrasios, Triton Hero so dangerous. It is a mana sink that with infinite mana will allow you to draw your entire deck. 

The Infinite Culprit

If you are playing blue one of the easiest ways to generate infinite mana is with Deadeye Navigator. He is a creature that when he is soul bonded with another creature they each gain the ability to pay a blue and a colorless and blink it. It is an instant speed effect. Both actions of removing it from the battlefield and returning it all happen at once. There’s no opportunity to act in between the two actions. This protects the Navigator and its soul bonded buddy from all but mass removal. This is true as long as you have open mana to blink the targeted creature. 

Bring on the Mana

There are two different creatures that you can use to create infinite mana. They are Peregrine Drake and Palinchron. Both essentially do the same thing. When they enter the battlefield they untap lands up to their converted mana cost. When created these fliers were free to cast and you could double up your mana for a turn. But since the release of Deadeye Navigator in Avacyn Restored you can blink them to trigger their enter the battlefield ability to untap those lands for a discount. For example with Peregrine Drake tap five lands making sure you generate at least one blue mana. Then use the Navigators ability to blink it. The drake causes those five lands to untap and you have gained three mana. Then repeat the process. 

Making it Searchable

The combo is strong although it is creature based. This means it is a little more vulnerable to removal if your opponent has instant speed mass removal. At the same time being creatures has its advantages. There are several cards that will allow you to search your library for two creatures and put them on the battlefield. Two that come to mind are Tooth and Nail and Defense of the Heart. Tooth and Nail costs nine mana to accomplish the search and play ability. Remember when you put your Palinchron or Peregrine Drake into play, you will be untapping enough lands to start the combo. Defense of the Heart is cheaper costs less than Tooth and Nail. It also is slower. When it activates it does so during your upkeep. This means you will have mana to start your combo as well as protection from sorcery speed effects.. 

Stopping the Combo

Once the cards hit the table it is almost impossible to stop. You have to counter the Navigator or have enough single target removal to cast and stack on top of the blink triggers than they can activate. Oblivion Stone and Neverinyl’s Disk can destroy these creatures. You need to use them before the combo is on the table. In the case of Defense of the Heart during their upkeep and after they enter the battlefield. Often when your opponent begins this combination of moves the end of the game is near. 

Summing it Up 

There are many ways to generate infinite mana. This combo is difficult to stop once started. It’s relatively inexpensive as well. Deadeye Navigator and Peregrine Drake cost $7.28 on Card Kingdom. Palinchron, a Reserve List card, can be purchased for $27.99. Many blue decks want this combination as it is self contained in the color. If you are playing simic colors the creature search options are such that this combination of cards should strongly be considered. Especially is you are planning to make several big mana plays in a game. This combo can fuel them all.