Infinite Aggression

Commander is often known for its infinite combos. While some players frown on them they are still a part of the game. Including one or two of them in your commander deck is acceptable in most playgroups. Sometimes a couple of cards synergize so well that games end in spectacular fashion. Such is the case of infinite aggression. If you like to swing away like Merril from Signs then this combo may be for you

The Combo at its Core

The core of the combination is built around a red card called Aggravated Assault. It is a three cost enchantment. It reads pay two red and three colorless mana untap all your creatures and gain an additional attack phase. You will need to be patient. The moment this enchantment enters the battlefield experienced players know they need to deal with this card now. If you do not have the mana to activate an extra combat, then it’s better to just hold the card. 

Because Aggravated Assault is a mana sink with no other requirements, you can activate it as many times as you like in a turn. This is where Sword of Feast and Famine takes over. The Sword of Feast and Famine untaps your lands when the equipped creature it deals combat damage to a player.  After you deal combat damage to the player, untap all your lands. Then activate Aggravated Assault with the extra mana and do it all over again. 

The Trick 

The trick is dealing the combat damage. Sword of Feast and Famine has protection from green and black. It will allow you to bypass some creatures and power through damage. Green is the color of ground stompy and often could block your equipped attacker if not for this protection. While Black is a main color for instant speed creature removal which helps to keep your creature alive

Providing the attacking creature additional color protections can help solidify this strategy allowing you to attack until they’re dead. Evasion is another strong choice to have on a creature to power through damage. Flying and trample can help push through damage. Flying is a common choice. Aggravated Assault is in the color that is strong with the keyword. If you are in blue there are unblockable creatures which will bring about certain death over time. If you are not in blue, then Whispersilk Cloak will do the job. Just make sure you attach it after the Sword because it give the shroud ability 

What if I just want to make mana for an X spell? 

Red is the color of burn spells. A high powered fireball is exciting and will win games too. Infinite combats and and land untaps seems like it could fuel such mischeviousness. Unfortunately, this combination of cards will not help you because most mana does not remain from phase to phase. If you’re playing green you can play Omnath Locus of Mana to carry over green mana from phase to phase. Just tap all the forests that you untap from each combat phase. All the while Omnath grows bigger and bigger to attack with. Kruphix, God of Horizons can carry over all unused mana as colorless mana as well. However, it probably is just easier to play Cryptolith Rite. As long as you control six or more creatures you can tap, you can infinitely activate the aggravated assault. This will net one mana after each activation. 

Combating the Combo

This combination of cards can be stopped if you are prepared for it. There are less cards that attack enchantments. So the easiest way to stop the combo is by destroying the Sword of Feast and Famine at instant speed. A player can also exile or destroy the creature with a red, blue or white spell. Cards like Swords to Plowshares cast during the declare blockers phase prevent damage from going through. If you only have sorcery speed artifact or enchantment destruction, then a well timed Fog will save you. Cards like Fog can buy you the time to remove the offending combination of cards.  


Infinite combat phases is a winning strategy if your commander deck is built around combat. It can be voltron, tribal or even a token archetype. If you can muscle the damage through on a creature equipped with the Sword of Feast and Famine, then you will have a lot of mana to fuel multiple combat shenanigans. With extra mana you can cast a couple more spells in the process. As with most combos they can get a little expensive. It will cost $70 or more for a Sword of Feast and Famine at the time of this writing. However, the investment in the  Sword is worth it. It can slot into most commander decks and forever have a home. . 
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