Commander Clinic: Phase Two

Thank You for taking the journey along with us here at commanderclinic, The first three months have been a whirlwind and a lot of content was able to be added to the site to create a backbone of what the website is. Phase one was all about providing a high quantity of information so that the audience will get the feel of what the website is and be able to use it as it will best help them.

The website is looking to provide quick five to ten minute articles. This is to provide information that can be absorbed and referenced as needed. On top of the concept of the quick hits, there will be more in-depth deck techs that highlight different deck builds on how to play the deck and strategy for the deck. Finally, this site has an ambitious undertaking called The Package Project. This is an attempt to categorize cards by color and function and list them according to strength. These lists can then be used as a reference so that when it is time to select card packages or cards by function you can refer to the list and pull the cards appropriate for the deck you are building.

To borrow a concept from Marvel Studios it is now time for Phase Two. What we are looking to do with the website is to create consistency. In the past when an article was ready it was immediately posted. While it’s great for content you never knew when there was a new article up. From here on out we want you to know when there will be new content and be consistent about it. This way you can expect when something new will be up.

For this reason, we are looking to post new content twice a week. We will be posting the content on Tuesdays and Saturday evenings. If we can get it up earlier in the day we will. Which articles we will post which day will vary although we are planning to post the quick five minute articles midweek. If we are going to post a deck tech for the week we are planning to post them on Saturdays. We want you to know when new content will come out and be able to rely on it. we want to become a part of your commander routine.

If you like what we are doing here at Commander Clinic MTG, then you can help us out. It is time to spread the word. If you like what we are doing tell your friends, give us a shout out on social media. Like us on Facebook. You can also send us an email Let us know you are out there. Tell us what you want more of. While it is a pleasure to write in and of itself. This site is meant for the reader first and foremost. We are here to meet your needs whether it is instruction or entertainment. Hearing from you helps us do that better. You can email us at God Bless and we look forward to hearing from you.