Midnight Hunt Spoiler Season is Here
Spoiler Season is Here

Midnight Hunt spoiler season for Wizards of the Coast newest set has begun. Over the next few weeks there will be a flurry of activity as the MTG community starts revealing the next set of cards. With all the excitement people will begin to brew new decks and start to slate cards they want to add into their commander decks. It can be confusing ! How can you find all the content you need? We here at Commander Clinic are here to help. You will find links below to spoiler season content through youtube and the written word. We will add links to new spoiler content as it becomes available. So check back often when you need your Midnight Hunt fix.

We will not reinvent the wheel with Midnight Hunt spoilers. There are several excellent broadcasts out there for you to sample and enjoy this spoiler season. We will begin to offer some new and unique content for new releases but we will not cover everything. We don’t think you need another location to tell you about Avacyn’s Memorial and a take on it that is pretty standard. But we will begin to build some cornerstone content that you will be able to expect every spoiler season.

Do we need to say this is great for Legendary and good stuff decks? Do we need to say use OG Avacyn instead?

First, coming back after two years will be the Take Ten articles on the new preconstucted commander decks for Midnight Hunt. We will keep to a budget of $100 for the decks. DO you need cheaper upgrades? Will will include budget substitution articles like before. Second, we will be continuing out package project. We will be releasing our top 15 cards for the set like we did with Throne of Eldraine. If you are not buying packs look here first to see what singles you might want to pick up for your decks or you may see in retooled decks. Finally, nearing release we will launch another series called Five for Five. It will be a quick tour of the five colors of Midnight Hunt. We will highlight 5 common and uncommon cards of each color that are commander usable cards. Immediately place these cards into your budget staple box for future use. The article will also include colorless cards as well as these are always deck friendly.

Midnight Hunt Spoilers

Commander Clinic new content

Five for Five: Midnight Hunt

Take Ten: Coven Counters

Take Ten: Undead Unleashed

Coming Soon… Tovolar Werewolves

The Commanders Quarters (Budget Commander content with early takes on commanders)

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Finally A Powerful Werewolf Tribal Commander!

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New Powerful Curses

Excuse Me… Did you Order Salt?

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Green Gets All the Good Stuff

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Broken New Commander

Is This a New Blasphemous Act

Is This Yet Another Staple?

This Commander is Busted

The Biggest Spells of All Time

Wait Seedborn Muse?

This Card is Overrated

Wait That’s is Actually Very Cool

Well I was not Expecting This

So a Green Grave Titan

New Queen of Shadowborn Apostles

This Card is Broken

If you have Exactly…13 Life

Finally Mystery Solved!

The Command Zone (Late in the season comprehensive reviews of the new set broken up in several different episodes)

Midnight Hunt: Best New Multi-Colored Commanders

Desolator Magic (Mainly standard with (sometimes entertaining) rants)

Mark Previews Midnight Hunt with teasers suggesting Nightmare?

Midnight Hunt Spoilers Part 1

Midnight Hunt Spoilers Part 2

Midnight Hunt Spoilers Part 3

Midnight Hunt Spoilers Part 4

Midnight Hunt Spoilers Part 5

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Midnight Hunt Spoilers Part 8

Strictly Better MTG (More standard reviews in a relaxed fashion)

Way Too Early Midnight Hunt Spoilers

Top 10 Reprints SBMTG wants in Midnight Hunt. Not a spoiler video

Innistrad Midnight Hunt Previews Day 1

Innistrad Midnight Hunt Previews Day 2

Innistrad Midnight Hunt Previews Day 3

Innistrad Midnight Hunt Previews Day 4

Innistrad Midnight Hunt Previews Day 5

Innistrad Midnight Hunt Previews Day 6

Innistrad Midnight Hunt Previews Day 7

The Magic Historian (More general news about Midnight Hunt plus spoilers)

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Day Night Mechanic. How does it work?

These Commander Legal Midnight Hunt Cards Will not be in Commander Precons (includes spoilers)

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