All “Hallowed” at Commander Clinic

October is the time for spooks, creepy crawlies and mysterious things that go bump in the night. Commander Clinic is excited to help you enjoy the harvest season and Halloween. To get in the “spirit” of things Commander Clinic will bring you themed content for the season. So what do we have planned? 

This month at Commander Clinic we will finish off our Innistrad Midnight Hunt content. We will finish our Take Ten series with Undead Unleashed. If zombies are not enough we will do a deck tech on Tovolar and werewolves to finish off that content. If time allows we will finish the month with a vampire flavored deck tech with a twist. While we are not a part of any coven we are diligently “brewing” away.

Also look for spooky themed combos and card reviews further on in October. If combos don’t scare your opponents very little will. We will also look to continue our series of ten cards that should be in your collection series. As we approach Halloween, spoiler season should begin for Crimson Vow. We will begin our coverage of the spoilers so that you can always be in the know. 

Finally there is a project that is going on in the background of Commander Clinic. We are working on our package project as time allows. It is a work in progress and will grow over time. Look for more information on it at the end of October or early November.