Ten Cards That Should be in Your EDH Collection (Part II)
Did Force of Will make the cut?

There are  certain cards in EDH that are strong and can fit into many decks. Unfortunately these cards can get quite expensive due to everybody wanting and using them. If you enjoy commander, then consider picking up these cards and adding them to your collection. These cards will add to your arsenal to build strong decks. You don’t need them to play and win in EDH, but it helps. 

Some other cards are overlooked or have been printed into oblivion. Everybody is chasing the new most powerful cards recently released. When this happens older cards get forgotten. These cards are still viable today but are not often used. These cards are worth owning to add into your decks as well. 

Aetherize– This is an older card and quite cheap. It is worth having a playset in your collection for when you are playing blue. This card can save your backside when someone is trying to take you out. It’s tempo and it time walks an opponent. It’s not as good as Cyclonic Rift but it can do a poor man’s imitation of one. 

Beast Whisperer-This is one of the premier card draw cards in Green. It’s also under $4.00 and worth picking up a playset. Wizards has done a good job reprinting it so far. Hopefully they will keep it up to help keep the price down. 

Enlightened Tutor– This tutor may not be card advantage but it will get you any artifact and or enchantment you need in white. White is short on ramp. Enlightened Tutor will get you several great options. You can also get some excellent artifacts that will help further your deck’s strategy as well. The cheapest copy is hovering around $44.00 and it may be time to pick it up before the price goes further. 

Land Tax– Another older card that does not make every white deck anymore. Despite this it is an efficient card that will put lands in your hand . It won’t ramp you but you should never miss a land drop while thinning out your deck. It will cost you $35 and up but in colors that struggle with mana ramp or color fixing it’s worth the investment. Land Tax was reprinted in Double Masters so it might be a year or so until it is reprinted again. It might be worth picking up soon for this reason.

Necropotence– When it comes to card draw for a combo deck it doesn’t get any better than this. The number of cards you draw is limited only by the amount of life you have. Go ahead and dig twenty deep for the combo you are looking for. If you don’t find it you are in black and you probably drew a tutor. If you are not playing combo this card can always keep you at a grip of seven cards. Which is value. 

Phyexian Altar– It is a lot more expensive than it’s brother Ashnod’s Altar but in many ways it is better as it provides a sacrifice outlet that gives you colored mana. For color intensive decks it is definitely worth a spot in your deck list.  It’s expensive so it is a card to keep an eye out for a reprint and then add to your collection. 

Scute Swarm– This is a newer card that was released in 2020. Its ability to create a plethora of tokens took the standard world by storm and it is no different in commander. It’s somewhat reasonable now at about $7.00 but I expect the price to rise as Zendikar rising goes out of print. Pick up a playset now because for most decks that run green land ramp can use a copy of this card. 

Stolen Strategy– Red has some issues as a color. It’s card draw is limited with drawbacks and even its ramp is not spectacular. This is still an impulsive card draw but it opens up the colors of your deck so that you can ramp or remove cards in play a little easier. It opens up options for you every turn. Unless this card sees a reprint it’s cost should continue to rise. 

The Meathook Massacre– The newest card on this list, it’s already spiking and spiking hard in price.  Already at $50 it is a removal that every black deck can use. The -X/-X ability ranks right up there with Toxic Deluge and Mutilate which made my top ten cards in black list. For most decks it adds incidental life gain and life drain. Which adds to its value. For aristocrats this card is a must. Do not expect to see a reprint of it anytime soon Wizards will use this card to sell packs. If you can afford it, then pick up a copy. 

Weathered Wayfarer– Sometimes older cards get forgotten. Cards get cut for the newest latest card that may upgrade a deck. These cards get pushed aside when often they are still quite useable in deckbuilding. For an older card you can pick it up at around $10 which is reasonable. While it does not ramp you it will go fetch any land from your deck and that is an excellent asset. Most cards today fetch basic lands. White decks not in green should consider a copy of this card in their deck.

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