Force Removal: Play More Enchantments

Every meta is different. Despite this one fact there are a few things we can expect when we come to the table to play. One of these things is that black and red decks have few ways to deal with enchantments. Also while white and Green are full of enchantment removal cards few of them make it into decks. When removal is selected for decks players usually balance these cards between all the different card types with more slots often given to creatures and a couple of cards to deal with artifacts.

What are the Odds?

Outside of tutors if a deck is running only three cards that deal with enchantments, the odds are low that they will draw what they need to deal with a troublesome enchantment. Within the first fifteen cards of the game, the odds are 39% that they will draw an enchantment removal piece. That’s a little over one in three games. 

Of that 39% often it will deal with only one enchantment. While it’s not entirely safe having multiple enchantments on the battlefield, it often can be a winning benefit. Enchantment decks like Sythis, Harvest Hand decks have been capitalizing on this while their opponents are looking for outs. It’s time for other decks to do this in your meta.

An Enchantment Game Plan

When you deck build, look to add in more enchantments that do the basic things your deck wants to do like ramp, removal and drawing cards. Then look to add additional enchantments for things your commander wants to do. If you can get several enchantments on your battlefield this can provide value for you while being difficult to remove. When was the last time you saw a Back to Nature or a Bane of Progress cast? It’s not that playing enchantments are tabo. It’s that your opponents are choosing not to run them. Instead, It’s time to make them pay for that decision by running more of them in your decks. 

It can be difficult to figure out how many enchantments to add. I would start by building a deck like you normally would using the cards you would normally put in. You will have some enchantments already in there. For example, it’s rare to see a deck in blue that does not contain Rhystic Study if the owner can afford it. Then remove roughly six to eight  other cards and add enchantments that do similar things. This will on average allow you to draw one additional enchantment per game. When you play a tutor that can target enchantments, consider what enchantment options there are that can help you and get it in play. They are safer plays than you think. 

Things Often Change

Yes these enchantments are also vulnerable to counterspells and sometimes your opponents will be wise enough to counter your enchantments. Still they will allow you to cast your Abundant Growth to fix your mana and draw a card and other similar effects. Your opponents have other plans with their counterspells so why not capitalize on it. Eventually if you can get some great value out of enchantments then your opponents will start adjusting their decks accordingly. The gig is up. At that point it is time to adjust your deck build to avoid enchantments and make these cards dead in their decks versus you. Until then make them pay and run more enchantments.  

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