Building with Jodah: Top Cards

Dominaria United will release in less than a week. There is a lot of hype and buzz around the set. One of the cards to receive a lot of attention is Jodah, the Unifier Much like Golos, Tireless Pilgrim there are several ways to build around this commander. Last time we looked at building a good stuff deck and a way to vary up the build. 

But how do you decide what to put in your good stuff deck. A search on scryfall reveals that there are over 2000 legendary cards. You could just rummage through your collection of cards and select the best that you have. But odds are when you build a new deck you want to add some new cards. Don’t worry Commander Clinic has you covered. We have a list of 30 top legendary cards to include in Jodah.

About the List

As with all lists they are subjective. Different people value different things in their decks. This list can’t be everything to everybody and there are a lot of powerful cards that can be included on this list. Consider it a guide and if you need a certain property you want in your deck don’t be afraid to use scryfall to find what you need to make Jodah yours. 

In this list I tried to prioritize a couple of things that a Jodah deck wants. Abilities that can be abused with Jodah’s cascade ability are highly weighted. When you break a card you are more likely to have an explosive turn and Jodah is all about that. Haste is an important keyword. You may have an explosive turn but because this deck wants to attack using these creatures right away is critical.

Generic abilities that all decks want were weighted a little more heavily over niche abilities. For example Teysa Karlov is an awesome card in the right deck. She can easily be a top card for aristocrat strategies, but because you need multiple card slots to make her good in Jodah. She is nowhere near this list. 

Finally, mana value had little to no consideration as you want legendary cards all over the mana curve. When you cast a three or four mana legendary spell you still want to hit something in your deck. So there are some low mana value includes in the deck. Likewise high mana value cards are more difficult to cast but that aspect of the card is neutralized by being able to cascade for better legendary cards. 

The Top 30 

Two honorable mentions were included in this list and their ranking. Keep in mind ranking is subjective if you have a card you think is top 30 but not here post it in the comments below. 

36 Teferi, Master of Time

Lots of legendary blockers plus every turn activation makes his ultimate achievable. 

31 Raff Capashen Ship’s Mage

In some ways flash is better than haste. 

30 Mikaeus the Unhallowed

Board wipes happen. Protect your stuff. 

29 Ramos, Dragon Engine

More mana to cast cascade spells.

28 Vega, the Watcher

Cascade, draw a card… and then some.

27 Urabrask, The Hidden

Capitalize on explosive turns.

26 Avacyn, Angel of Hope

Mass indestructible makes your legendary creatures difficult to deal with. 

25 Old Gnawbone

Seven treasure a turn minimum

to cast more spells

24 Avacyn’s Memorial

Less vulnerable than Avacyn

23 Goreclaw, Terror of Qal Sisma

Cheaper Legendary creatures. Gives those big fatties trample.

22 Karametra, God of the Harvests

More creatures… more lands

21 Ghalta Primal Hunger

Mana value is 12. Mana cost is often is 2.

20 Liesa, Forgotten Archangel

When creatures die, cast them again and cascade.

19 Beledros Witherbloom

More mana to cast legendaries. Who needs 10 life? 

18 Odric, Master Tactician

Win the Game

17 Captain Sisay

Tutor the legendary you need

16 Timeless Lotus

Pays for itself rapidly

15 Xenegos, God of Revels

Gives Haste. Buffs a creature 

14 Kozilek Butcher of Truth

Big cascade trigger, draws four cards and resets your graveyard.

13 Grand Arbiter Augustine IV

4 mana stall your opponents.  Probably should be ranked in the 20’s

12 Neera, WIld Mage

Don’t like your cascade card? Do it again!

11 Reki History of Kamigawa

Card Draw on Steroids

10 Thassa, God of the Sea

Set up your cascade. Make Jodah unblockable. 

9 Lithoform Engine

Two cascade triggers please. 

8 Prime Speaker Zegana

Minimum draw 7 with Jodah out. 

7 Akroma’s Memorial

Keyword Soup, Most importantly Haste 

6 Imoti, Celebrant of Bounty

Free double cascade Triggers… Yes Please!

5 Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger

Double your mana while hindering your opponents.

4 Oko, Thief of Crowns

Do not underestimate Oko slowing down your opponents

3 Chulane Teller of Tales

Not as good in the 99 but still Ramp AND card draw 

2 Bolas’ Citadel

Free spells manipulate your deck for cascade.

1 Jodah, Archmage Eternal 

Mana reduction for your biggest spells.

That pretty much sums it. Next time we will vary it up with our second way to build Jodah Mana Reduction Value. What legendary cards did I miss. Leave a comment below we would love to hear form you.

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