Know your Meta: A Study with Golos Superfriends

One of the basic level up moments for commander is know your meta. A meta is the group of people you play commander with and the decks they play. You need to know what is in your meta and then you should be putting cards in your commander deck that limits those decks or exploits the weaknesses of them.

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Drizzt Do’Urden Counters: Standard Commander

As a commander, he is a build around one and will not create insane board states that explode or devastate your opponent's side of the battlefield. His gain counters ability wants you to play Voltron, but there are better Voltron commanders than Drizzt. I would much rather have Sigarda, Host of Herons who has built in evasion and is difficult to remove than Drizzt as a Voltron commander. However, Drizzt is a commander you can work around to create a counters deck and add some mischievousness to your board. He is not the cause of the mischievousness but provides the framework for an alternative brew. 

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10 Planeswalkers to Consider for your Superfriends deck

One popular archetype for commander is superfriends or planeswalker decks. Depending on the commander, there is a certain repetition of which planeswalkers are found in these decks. As of March 2020, there are 208 total planeswalkers and not all of them are viable options for decks. It makes sense that the strongest planeswalkers show up time and time again in these decks. The following is a list of ten planeswalkers that you should consider when building a superfriends deck

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Standard Commander: Syr Gwynn Snipes Opponents

When new sets come out there is an emphasis on the new legendary creatures in the EDH community. There is a quick buzz and players want to build with new shiny toys. Normally only one or two decks will rise in popularity from the new set. However, if we ignore the other commanders we often will lose out on a fringe deck that can be very enjoyable to play. Today we look at Syr Gwyn, Hero of Ashvale.

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